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Where's the Bear?

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Katie Nazer-Hennings,Rachel Watson, Morgan Griffin and Monique Williams

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Dance Fever

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Bird in the Hand

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Where's The Bear? is an episode of the Sleepover Club as the thirty-first one in the second series. The story goes as one of the SOC girls wins a teddy bear prize at a gaming function for kids when the Blockheads stole it right under the girls' eyes and the SOC must do a commando mission to take the bear back just in time without the Blockheads' presence guarding them.

The girls couldn't find the prize but stole Jason's hat (a Scottish one) for the demand which the Blockheads knew it is gone due to the SOC must have sneaked in to find the prize.

At the pier, the demand was on. Jason & one of the SOC girls must come foward with the demand in their hands, ready to give back. As the girl gave Jason his hat & he gave her the bear, Declan tried to snatch it but the girl threw the hat into the water and the bear was given back at last while Jason & the boys could not find his Scottish hat.

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