What Are Friends For?
The Sleepover Club 2

Presented By:



Morgan Griffin
Katie Nazer-Hennings
Emmanuelle Bains
Monique Williams
Rachel Watson

Special Guest Star:

Caitlin Stasey

Followed By:

Tickets For Two


David Hannam

Executive Producers:

Noel Price
Jo Horsbourgh


Susie Campbell


James Bogle

What Are Friends For? is an episode in The Sleepover Club. It follows Frankie, 3 years later after the events of Season 1, now 16, as she meets up with her cousin after she moves away from her friends back home. She meets Charlie's four friends who Charlie soon falls out with as she tries to help them all at once. Frankie ends up giving the girls a Sleepover Club Book of their own, to solve the problem.

This is the first episode of the SOC's second series which guest stars & for the final time, Charlie's cousin: Frankie for this episode. It features five SOC girls again, this time in Western Australia after Frankie's SOC in the first season, held in Queensland three years ago. The main baddies are the Blockheads, consisting of three boys more better than the MMMs and also that the SOC's enemies are new (helping the Blockheads better than the MMM's helpers) but sometimes either join the SOC which happened in three later episodes or disband it forever.


Main Cast

Regular Recurring Cast

  • Krystal - Julia O'Connor
  • Caitlin - Ruby Hall
  • Jason - James Bell
  • Simon - Nathan Coenen
  • Declan - Shannon Lively

Co - Starring

  • Ellie Anderson - Kirsty Hillhouse
  • Mr Beasley - Michael Loney
  • Mrs Beasley - Michelle Fornasier
  • Mr Carroll - Ingle Knight

Special Guest Star