What About Me?

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Emmanuelle Bains,Rachel Watson,Monique Williams,Katie Nazer-Hennings and Morgan Griffin

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Julia O'Connor and Ruby Hall

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What About Me? is an episode of the Sleepover Club and is the forty-seventh one in the second series. The SOC has a new coach after their first one has to have her first baby but cannot make it to the final basketball game against Krystal's team.

They are on the brink of defeat when Maddy thinks that the new coach is stealing her friends which she leaves them, as the Blockheads saw it what happened in that incident & gave it to Krystal for the SOC to lose the game in the finals but Maddy says to the coach that she's wrong about the thing of what she said and the coach is invited back with the SOC and they win the competiton by two points in the final round against Krystal.