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my homework about the sleepover club

my name is chantelle louise smith

now been in the sleepover club 5 girls i know about girls names leader frankie thomas lyndz collins fliss sidebortham. kenny tam and rosie cartwright i would enjoyd club . talk about girls sercet club rule book s.o.c dariy is my new subject i write about the sleepover club girls new book how been in the sleepover club my favouite girls i like her 1 perosnal makes me laught lydndz is funny girl i called my about the sleepover club 5 girls how many books 5000 page is kenny i love sport and lydnz arts grffitit i am doing draw graffitit am i am biggest fan of your club i watched t.v popgirl the sleepover club

my age is 30 i love you i would enjoyd the sleepover club

i live in spain i will make new friend now help me something intreses

the sleepover club help me make new friend subject on the sleepover club

the end

  1. by chantelle l. smith83.61.166.28 18:59, February 27, 2010 (UTC)

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