The Winning Ticket
The Sleepover Club

Presented By:



Caitlin Stasey
Ashleigh Chisholm
Hannah Wang
Basia A'Hern
Eliza Taylor-Cotter

Followed By:

Blind Date


David Phillips


Jan Tyrrell


Arnie Custo

The Winning Ticket is an episode in The Sleepover Club. As the local theme park will be handing out a year's worth of free passes to the one millionth guest and every cool kid in the area will be there - including the M&Ms and the Sleepover Club.

Pranks on the M&Ms

Here are three of the SOC pranks in this episode, distracting the M&Ms club in the park:

  • Fliss meanwhile gets angry at Matthew calling him 'Fergus' over the roller-coaster ride and with her little brother calling Matthew 'Fergus' which the M&Ms leader complains Fergus isn't his name, but a girl who was with him also called him 'Fergus' and leaves him alone.
  • Frankie distracts Marco by saying that she is his girlfriend, causing a girl he was with having ice-cream called him a 'creep' and struck him in the mouth with her ice-cream.
  • Lyndz distracts her brother, Michael by talking to each other over an incident of lying as Kenny fires a water pistol from behind a food stall on Michael's pants thinking that he didn't go to the toilet. The girl that was with him apologises and leaves. Note that the scene showing Michael's pants and the aftermath is shaky due to the screen and not showing his pelvis.


The M&Ms were angry and want the Sleepover Club apologising for the pranks. The girls were taunted that they are toasted by the boys, but Frankie says to dish it out and take it. The boys think that wasn't arranged by the girls as 'payback', but Rosie like an actress on stage says she's shaking with fear from her shoes to her mind. They were getting even and believe with it, but Kenny taunts them by finding somehwere and STICK THEIR HEADS in it. Lyndz says they haven't got time to apologise for lying like the prank with her brother. The M&Ms tell the girls that Fliss is MIA and the boys believe that she is hiding behind a rock. The girls turn around and Frankie tells them off about what happened on the roller coaster, but the argument is cut off by the loudspeaker at Dreamworld to look for their ticket number to be the ultimate winner.


This is the only appearance of the local theme park, Dream World as of the other parks not appearing in the episode like Movie World, Wet & Wild and Sea World.

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