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The Sleepover Club It's an Australian television series for children, broadcast on the Nine Network from 2003 to 2007.

It is based on the homonymous series of children's books of the writer Rose Impey.

Although literary version is set in England, the events of the series take place in locations Australian

calls Crescent Bay (for the setting of the first season) and Seaview (for the setting of the second season).

The protagonists of the series are five girls who are part of a secret society called just "Sleepover Club".

Their rivals are: In the first series the M & M and Sara and Alana (two inseparable friends who aspire to be part of the Sleepover Club).

In the second series the Blockheads take the place of M&M and Crystal and Caitlin to Sara and Alana.

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Madeline "Maddy" Leigh is a member of the second generation of The Sleepover Club.

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