Episode's Storyline

The Haunting

Presented By:



Morgan Griffin,Rachel Watson,Katie Nazer-Hennings, Monique Williams

Previous Episode:

Bird in the Hand

Next Episode:

Blast From the Past

Episode Number:

Thirty Four

The Haunting is an episode of the Sleepover Club as the thirty-fourth one in the second series. It follows the story of the SOC shooting a film at a gloomy and very spooky jailhouse (now a tourist site) for their acting of the first convicts' slavery there when Australia was claimed by England and its empire.

Also there, the Blockheads wanted to shoot there for their movie which they used several tactics to scare the SOC which they didn't listen to the school principal's announcement which the SOC decided to pay back at them by scaring the boys out of hell for revenge.

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