The Great Debate
The Sleepover Club

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Caitlin Stasey
Ashleigh Chisholm
Eliza Taylor-Cotter
Hannah Wang
Basia A'Hern

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Happy Birthday Rosie


Fiona Wood


Jan Tyrrell


Michael Pattinson

The Great Debate is an episode in The Sleepover Club. It follows the year sevens as they have to debate that men are the stronger sex, but the teams are mixed— not only does Frankie have to argue that men are stronger, but she's in a team with Marco, Michael and Sara while Rosie has Matthew, Lyndz & Fliss on her team. Plus, Rosie seems to be feeling oddly unwell. What is wrong with her?


Main Cast

Regular Recurring Cast

  • Matthew - Ryan Corr
  • Michael - Blake Hampson
  • Marco - Stefan La Rosa
  • Alana - Ashleigh Brewer
  • Sara - Anneliese Woods

Co - Starring

  • Ms Nickels - Emma Skelton
  • Callum - Trent Sullivan
  • Charlotte - Emily Stekelbruck
  • Clemantine - Kate Barber
  • Mr Stephanopolous - Vince D'Amico