The Deep End

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Emmanuelle Bains,Morgan Griffin, Rachel Watson, Katie Nazer-Hennings and Monique Williams

Also Starring:

Ruby Hall and Julia O'Connor

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The Deep End is an episode of the SOC and it is the forty-second one in the second series. It follows Charlie and Maddy swimming in the pools one day when the Blockheads threw a lolly at one of them which the girl swims faster and wins the race.

Maddy plans to divert her swimming career (in the first season, Kendra 'Kenny' Tam does not do that in the tenth episode, 'Swim Carnival') to lateness and a lot more worrying for the swimming race coming up which the Blockheads will think something else more worse will come up also.

The SOC has both girls doing it but Krystal is coming in for the swimming race. Can Charlie & Maddy win this race or Krystal come first in it and who wins it?