Tayla Kane
Tayla 2

Portrayed By:

Rachel Watson

First Appearence:

What Are Friends For?

Last Appearence:

Curtain Up


Mr. Kane (Father)
Mrs. Emma Kane (Mother)
Claire Kane (Younger Sister)

Episodes Presentd:

Tickets For Two
Blast From The Past

Favorite Colour:






== Tayla Kane == (Rachel Watson) is a member of the second generation of The Sleepover Club. She is not the smartest of the girls. She is fashion-conscious and always listens to her psychic phone pal Zodiac Zoey. She lives with her younger sister Claire who Tayla is protective of, her her mother and her father. Tayla is tall with long, brown hair and dark eyes she is kind, eager and caring. She can be mean to her friends like all the others at some point which upsets them. She is very grateful that she has all the sleepover club girls as her best friends.


  • Father: Mr. Kane
  • Mother: Emma Kane
  • Younger Sister: Claire Kane


  • The Blockheads Leader & Enemy #1: Jason Block
  • Enemy #2: Declan
  • Enemy #3: Simon Webster
  • Enemy #4: Krystal Beazley
  • Enemy #5: Caitlyn

 Best Friends

Brooke Webster

Charlie Anderson

Jess Phillips

Maddy Leigh

Episode Narrations

Tayla Kane is played by actress Rachel Watson in the SOC's second series consisted of twenty-six episodes as the first girl in the Sleepover Club, not to have a nickname while the second one goes to Brooke because these two didn't get nicknames. Tayla did only three episodes but different to Jessica 'Jess' Phillips as a 


She did the narrations of three episodes in:

  • Tickets for Two
  • Blast From the Past
  • Surprise

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