Episode's Storyline

Six is a Crowd

Presented By:



Morgan Griffin,Rachel Watson,Monique Williams and Katie Nazer-Hennings

Also Starring:

Julia O'Connor and Ruby Hall

Previous Episode:

Set Them Free

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What About Me?

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Six is a Crowd is an episode of the Sleepover Club as the forty-sixth one in the second series of it. It follows the story that Krystal is staying at Charlie's house because of two things.
  • One, her parents are going on a cruise.
  • Two, Caitlyn is sick with the flu.

As of this nonsense going on, it is the SOC's weekend sleepover which Krystal joins in, which they had to eat pizza and watch TV, etc. The Blockheads leader, Jason tries to get Krystal in the SOC which she has to do some tests with the SOC, thinking that she's their slave and because of that, she tries to get revenge on them but she lost the tests as said by the SOC and denies Jason for the sabotage at the end without him coming in.

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