Sleepover girls, and their eggs

The "Infant Carer Simulators (Sim Kids)" are mechanical egg babies that appeared in Season 2's episode Cringe City.


The sim kids started out as a homework assignment given to the class by Mr Caroll. They have a special micro chip that makes them cry when they are hungry, or when they need to be changed. Charlie Anderson, Jessica "Jess" Philips, Tayla Kane, Simon and Jason got girls, and Brooke Webster, Maddy Leigh, Krystal, and Declan got boys. The children did all sorts of things to look after them.


The sim kids are egg like baby robots. Boys wear a blue nappy, and have no eyelashes, and girls wear a pink nappy, and have eyelashes.


  • Chip
  • Eggbert
  • Maxine
  • Thalia
  • Rebecca