{{Infobox |Box title = Set Them Free |Row 1 title = Presented By: |Row 1 info = Madeline "Maddy" Lee |Row 2 title = Starring: |Row 2 info = Emanuelle Bains as Madeline "Maddy" Lee, Morgan Griffin as Charlotte "Charlie" Anderson, Katie Nazer-Hennings as Brooke Webster, Rachel Watson as Tayla Kane, Monique Williams as Jessica "Jess" Phillips. |Row 3 title = Guest Starring: |Row 3 info = Julia O'Connor as Krystal Beasley, Ruby Hall as Caitlyn Johnson, James Bell as Jason Block, Nathan Coenan as Simon Webster, Shannon Lively as Declan Malone. |Row 4 title = Previous Episode: |Row 4 info = Secret Admirer |Row 5 title = Next Episode: |Row 5 info = Six is a Crowd

Set Them Free is the 45th episode of The Sleepover Club Season Two. It follows the girls attending a sleepover at Maddy's house. At the sleepover, they start a yucky food contest which Maddy wins. The girls try to clean up after the contest, but Maddy convinces them to leave it until the next day. When they wake up the next day, Maddy has left for her surfing lesson. Maddy's mother comes into the room and tells the girls off for not cleaning up, and that Maddy is not allowed another sleepover until she cleans her room.

While Tayla, Jess, Brooke and Charlie are cleaning up, the Blockheads wants a python instead of a lizard which it goes missing after Declan left the door unshut & leaves without noticing the door was closed. Krystal wants Caitlyn to pick up a dog from the pet shop but instead chooses a lizard which Krystal told her mother that she denies having a dog for her pet.

At the end, the SOC have Maddy back and enjoyed the yucky food contest from the beginning of the episode, Jason leads the Blockheads to have ice-cream after he reunites his pet lizard and doesn't want a python while Krystal played a game with her pet lizard which it sticks his tongue at her after Krystal started off first.

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