Episode's Storyline

Secret Admirer

Presented By:



Katie Nazer-Hennings,Rachel Watson, Monique Williams,Morgan Griffin

Also Starring:

Julia O'Connor and Ruby Hall

Previous Episode:

Never Too Old

Next Episode:

Set Them Free

Episode Number:

Forty Four

Secret Admirer is an episode of the SOC as the forty-fourth one of the second series. It tells the story of how Simon Webster's sister, Brooke is shocked that Krystal is wearing the same outfit as her for the casual clothes day at Seaview College.

Charlie, Tayla, Jess and Maddy did a part into a secret admirer for Brooke which they chose the Blockheads' henchman, Declan to be as the dragon slayer and secret admirer for Brooke which did or didn't go well into it.

The girls said sorry to Brooke after she thinks that Jason, the Blockheads leader is the secret admirer which didn't go well but Krystal and Caitlyn arrived which she (Krystal) said to Jason that he was the admirer which the letter was sent to her at home which Krystal poured Jason's drink over him and leaves, leaving the SOC laughing their heads off.

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