Sari Sleepover (The Sleepover Club #35)

by Narinder Dhami

Join the Sleepover Club: Frankie, Kenny, Felicity, Rosie and Lyndsey, five girls who want to have fun -- but who always end up in mischief! When feisty Asha from India comes to school, the Sleepover Club get excited about the fun of Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights! How will it compare to Guy Fawkes Night, and will there be the usual chaos?

Main Cast

  • Francesca (Frankie) Thomas (Caitlin Stasey) is a girl who dreams of being an actress. She is the leader of the Sleepover Club. Her best friend is Kenny. She can be quite bossy. Her favorite color is Purple. Charlie of Series 2 is her cousin. She is an only child who lives with her parents, and she longs for a sibling. Her mother becomes pregnant in episode 23-The Price Of Success. She secretly has a crush on Matthew from the M&M's.
  • Rosalind "Rosie" Cartwright (Eliza Taylor-Cotter) is an aspiring writer and journalist. She wants to take after her father as he is a journalist. She was the last girl to join the soc, in episode 2. She is the smartest of the girls and can be quite brash. Her favorite color is Yellow. Her mother died and she lives with her father David and her brother Will. She has a crush on Lyndz's brother Tom.
  • Felicity "Fliss" Sidebotham (Ashleigh Chisholm), is a young fashion enthusiast. She was known as the bubbly fashionista and also she has a crush on her fellow student Ryan Scott. Fliss's parents are divorced and she no longer sees her father. Her mother remarries in the last episode of Series One. She has a younger brother called Callum, who was bullied in one episode. He hatesThe Sleepover Club. Her favorite color is Pink. She is best friend with Lyndz. She can be shallow and self-centered.
  • Kendra "Kenny" Tam (Hannah Wang) is the athletic member of the club. She wishes to manage Manchester United F.C. when she is older. She takes part in all sorts of physical activities from soccer to athletics and is a fan of Manchester United F.C.. She lives with her sister, mother, father and grandmother. Her favorite color is Orange. In the book series her name was Laura McKenzie. She is best friends with Frankie.
  • Lyndsey "Lyndz" Collins (Basia A'Hern) is considered to be the most laid back and nicest member of the group and she likes animals. It has been mentioned that when she is older, she wants to run a horse riding school as she is an avid rider. She has afraternal twin brother, Michael who is one of the M.M.Ms and she also has an older brother, Tom. Her favorite color is Green. She is best friends with Fliss.
  • ====Recurring Characters====
    • Matthew McDougal (Ryan Corr) is the leader of the M&M's, a group of boys. His mother is a friend of Fliss' mother, so they often see each other which provides a chance to spy on her and the club activities. He is also a friend of Fliss' younger brother, Callum. He secretly has a crush on Frankie.
    • Marco de Peiri (Stefan La Rosa) is the friendliest member, who sometimes gives away the boy's plans. Later, Marco has a growing interest in Fliss, and is secretly a nice guy.
    • Michael Collins (Blake Hampson) is also Lyndsey's twin brother. Michael also has occasional fleeting moments of goodness.
    • Sara (Annaleise Woods) is dedicated to disbanding the Sleepover Club. She is in the same class as Frankie and her friends. She is also known as Sara Tiara to the Sleepover Club members.
    • Alana (Ashleigh Brewer) is the lackey friend of Sara. The Sleepover Club members call her Alana Banana.

[edit]Series Two

Three years after Series 1, Frankie (now 16) is forced to move away from her home town after her father receives a job promotion, she takes with her the Sleepover club book. Due to complications, she stays with her cousin for a week. There she discovers her cousin Charlie struggling to balance her social life with her four best friends. She entrusts Charlie with a new sleepover club book as Charlie, Maddy, Tayla, Jess and Brooke form a sleepover club. The main antagonists are called "The Blockheads" consisting of Jason, Simon and Declan who with the aid of Krystal and Caitlyn try to meddle with the clubs affairs.

[edit]Main Characters

    • Charlotte "Charlie" Anderson (Morgan Griffin) is the leader of the second generation of the Sleepover Club. Charlie's best friend has been Maddy since kindergarten. Charlie is an only child and lives with her two loving parents. She and Frankie are cousins. When she is older she wishes to become a journalist. She has a crush on Jason. She was inspired by Frankie of Season One.
    • Madeleine "Maddy" Leigh (Emmanuelle Bains) is the very competitive and sporty one of the group. Her main interests are basketball and surfing and she always wants to win. Maddy is also known to be very smart and good in science. She has been best friends with Charlie since Kindergarten. She was inspired by Kenny of Season One.
    • Tayla Kane (Rachel Watson) is not the smartest of the girls. She is fashion-conscious and always listens to her psychic phone pal Zodiac Zoe. She lives with her younger sister and her parents. She was inspired by Fliss of Season One.
    • Brooke Webster (Katie Nazer-Hennings) enjoys photography and knows a lot about computers. She loves animals. Her best friend is Jess. She has a stepbrother named Simon who is one of the Blockheads. She was inspired by Lyndz of Season One.
    • Jessica "Jess" Philips (Monique Williams) is the artsy and shy one of the group. Her best friend is Brooke. She lives with her parents and older brother Zac. She was inspired by Rosie of Season One.

[edit]Recurring Characters

    • Jason Bloch (James Bell) is the brains of the Blockheads, and is always thinking of a plan to benefit himself. Jason is the enemy of the Sleepover Club. Jason and Charlie used to be best friends as kids because they are neighbors. He also has a crush on her.
    • Simon Webster (Nathan Coenen) is the main deceiver out of the three as he always goes with his step sister's mind rather than Jason's. He gets the gossip from Brooke to relay to Jason. He's secretly interested in Tayla.
    • Declan (Shannon Lively) is Jason's third henchman. Not the smartest, mostly just tags along because its something to do.
    • Krystal Beasley (Julia O'Connor) is always trying to learn the Sleepover Clubs secrets and asks Caitlyn to do so. Secretly everyone at school calls her 'Beastley'. She is also an only child. Jason said that she thinks she's always important.
    • Caitlyn (Ruby Hall) is a sweet nice young lady. She is also Krystal's friend who follows her around is often asked by her to spy on The Sleepover girls.==Episodes==

Main article: List of The Sleepover Club episodes

Seasons Episodes First air date Last air date
1 26 1 November 2002 27 February 2004
2 26 3 November 2006 7 March 2008

[edit]Media and DVDs

Both seasons of The Sleepover Club have been released on DVD. Besides numerous volumes, the first season was released in 2007 and contains all 26 episodes of the first season, and the second season was released in August 2007 and contains all 26 episodes of the second season.

Title Region 2

release date

Region 4

release date

Episode(s) Distributor(s)
The Sleepover Club:

Series One

5 March 2007[2] 8 January 2007[3] 26[2] Blackhorse Entertainment
The Sleepover Club:

Series Two

9 November 2008[4] 1 October 2008[5] 26[5] Blackhorse Entertainment


      • The original series was produced at Varsity College in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and post produced by Cutting Edge Gold Coast and Brisbane. The glorious beaches and attractive beach side homes were a major feature of the series which featured the famous M&M's in various shore side exploits.
      • The second season was filmed in and around Western Australia's Perth Metropolitan area at locations such as the Fremantle Jail (no longer in service, but now a major tourist attraction), the Sunset Men's home (turned Psychiatric Hospital, also no longer in use), Churchlands Senior High School and Hillary's boat harbour as well as at other various locations.
      • {| class="wikitable plainrowheaders" style="margin-right:0px;border-color:rgb(170,170,170);color:rgb(0,0,0);line-height:19.1875px;"

|- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep1" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|1 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Perfect Match" |Arnie Custo
Catherine Millar |Ellie Beaumont |1 November 2002 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

The Sleepover Club play matchmaker while Rosie Cartwright, the new girl at Crescent Bay, proves to be worthy of the Sleepover girls' friendship when she gives the M&Ms, the Sleepover Club's arch rivals, the perfect payback.

Presented by: Frankie  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep2" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|2 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Scary Movie" |Catherine 'Millar' |Chris Kunz |8 November 2002 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

Frankie still needs convincing that Rosie can prove that she is Sleepover Club material and decides that a scary movie on Lyndz's birthday is the best way to do it but then it turns out that Rosie wasn't the one who got scared!

Presented by: Lyndz  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep3" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|3 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Beach Hut" |Catherine Millar |Chris Kunz |15 November 2002 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

When Mr Stephanopolous, the owner of the girls favourite hangout The Beach Hut Cafe, decides it is time to retire early, Frankie sets out to show him how important he is to the whole community. Will he come back?

Presented by: Frankie  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep4" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|4 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Fearlotto" |Catherine Millar |Chris Kunz |22 November 2002 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

Rosie creates this week's Sleepover challenge—Fearlotto, the objective of the game being to confess your worst fears.

Presented by: Lyndz  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep5" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|5 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"The Great Debate" |Michael Pattinson |Fiona Wood |29 November 2002 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

The year 7s have to debate that men are the stronger sex, but the teams are mixed— not only does Frankie have to argue that men are stronger, but she's in a team with Marco, Michael and Sara while Rosie has Matthew, Lyndz & Fliss on her team. Plus, Rosie seems to be feeling oddly unwell. What is wrong with her?

Presented by: Rosie  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep6" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|6 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Happy Birthday Rosie" |Arnie Custo |Marieke Hardy |6 December 2002 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

It is Rosie's birthday and she has asked everyone to keep it low key, but now her older brother Will's basketball match threatens to eclipse her day. The rest of the club sets out to find something nice for her birthday but chaos is in the cards as Lyndz doesn't tell the others that she has no money. Also Kenny nearly gets arrested!But she keeps talking in order to get the police officer let her out of jail.But he gives in and lets her go after he finally wants her to be quiet!

Presented by: Lyndz  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep7" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|7 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Starring" |Arnie Custo |Ellie Beaumont |13 December 2002 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

Fliss is not thrilled that her mother's new boyfriend Andy is taking up so much of their time together, and gets especially antagonized when he tries to make a "Sleepover Club Video".

Presented by: Fliss  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep8" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|8 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Makeover" |Arnie Custo |Marieke Hardy |20 December 2002 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

Lyndz is suddenly worried about her appearance after Michael calls her 'butch'. She thinks she needs to bring some spark into her appearance, while the others are worried she's going too far. Lyndz she falls out with Fliss because of this. Meanwhile, Frankie makes a deal with Matthew so that he dances with her in the school dance contest.

Presented by: Lyndz  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep9" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|9 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Changing Rooms" |Catherine Millar |David Hannam |27 December 2002 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

Rosie doesn't want to host a Sleepover, but won't tell the others why, so they devise a plan to go into her room without telling her. On a secret mission to refurnish her room, they call upon the assistance of her father David, and her brother Will. The M&M's lose a bet with the Sleepover Club and have to serve them smoothies at the Beach Hut Café dressed in bikinis.

Presented by: Fliss  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep10" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|10 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Swim Carnival" |Arnie Custo |Meaghan Smith |3 January 2003 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

It is the Crescent Bay swimming carnival and the Sleepover girls have convinced Rosie that her father's sudden health kick is due to a new love interest in his life. But who is it?

Presented by: Rosie  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep11" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|11 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Car Wash" |Catherine Millar |David Phillips |10 January 2003 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

The Sleepover Club set up a car wash to raise money to make their sleepovers more exciting, but the M&Ms find a way to ruin the girls' plan. Meanwhile, Lydnz falls out with Frankie.

Presented by: Frankie  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep12" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|12 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Outdoor Trip" |Michael Pattinson |Rose Impey |17 January 2003 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

The year 7s go on a camping trip and a navigational exercise goes haywire, thanks to the M&Ms. Rosie is scared as it is her first trip to the Australian Bush.

Presented by: Frankie  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep13" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|13 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Fight for Kenny" |Michael Pattinson |David Hannam |24 January 2003 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

Kenny is told that her family will be moving to Sydney. The Sleepover Club is on a mission to do everything in their power to stop it from happening, will they succeed?

Presented by: Kenny  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep14" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|14 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"When Bad Things Grow in Threes" |Michael Pattinson |Louise Le Nay |5 December 2003 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

Frankie is really upset about Kenny living in Sydney, but Rosie thinks that the Sleepover Club is too valuable to let go just because the girls are missing Kenny. And Fliss loses the sacred SOC'S rule book.

Presented by: Rosie  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep15" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|15 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Election" |Arnie Custo |Meaghan Smith |12 December 2003 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

Frankie is running for year 7 student council representative, but the M&Ms and Kenny's sister Molly conspire together to ruin Frankie's chances. Will this hinder her?

Presented by: Fliss  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep16" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|16 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Shoot to Win" |Arnie Custo |David Phillips |19 December 2003 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

An outbreak of chicken pox means that Ms Nickels is coaching the Crescent Bay netball team and because the numbers are low, Sara and Alana have been made members, even though they cannot play.

Presented by: Kenny  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep17" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|17 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Horseback" |Catherine Millar |Piers Hobson |26 December 2003 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

Lyndz has a horse-riding competition and Fliss offers to help her on the day. Meanwhile, Frankie finally gets the chance to prove she can be a worthy big sister but needs her friends' help. Rosie's only interest is their school assignment, and Kenny knows nothing about childcare!

Presented by: Fliss  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep18" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|18 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Family Ties" |Arnie Custo |Meg Mappin |2 January 2004 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

Kenny's Gran is bored and looking to add some spice to her life, but Kenny is worried she's going to do herself some damage! Lyndz and Rosie have an argument that could result in the Sleepover Club disbanding.

Presented by: Kenny  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep19" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|19 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Agony Aunt" |Arnie Custo |Marieke Hardy |9 January 2004 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

Kenny becomes the Crescent Bay High style guru for the school paper and influences some weird and wonderful fashion ideas.

Presented by: Lyndz  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep20" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|20 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"The Winning Ticket" |Arnie Custo |David Phillips |16 January 2004 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

The local theme park will be handing out a year's worth of free passes to the one millionth guest and every cool kid in the area will be there - including the M&Ms and the Sleepover Club.

Presented by: Frankie  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep21" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|21 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Blind Date" |Kate Woods |Jess Ractliffe |23 January 2004 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

Matthew is busy and no one knows why. Secretly he is helping his cousin Sam teach salsa lessons for the upcoming rugby fund-raising dance.

Presented by: Rosie  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep22" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|22 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Greek Sleepover" |Kate Woods |Chris Kunz |30 January 2004 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

Nina, Mr Stephanopolous' niece, comes to Crescent Bay from Greece for a stay and hosts a Greek-style Sleepover for the girls.

Presented by: Lyndz  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep23" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|23 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Price of Success" |Kate Woods |Sue Hore |6 February 2004 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

Frankie and Fliss are upset because Kenny thinks training with Ryan Scott is more important to her than her best friends. Frankie needs help with the science exam, while the M&Ms have found a way to cheat.

Presented by: Kenny  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep24" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|24 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Trapped" |Kate Woods |Anthony Morris |13 February 2004 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

The M&Ms finally win a prize from entering mobile phone competitions, but the only place they can uncover it is in the garage of Michael's house, where no one can see them.

Presented by: Fliss  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep25" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|25 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"Graffiti" |Kate Woods |Sarah Rosetti |20 February 2004 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

The trials are on, but Crescent Bay isn't allowed to participate unless the graffiti artists who are vandalizing the school are exposed.

Presented by: Frankie  |- class="vevent" style="text-align:center;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;" ! id="ep26" scope="row" style="font-weight:normal;"|26 | class="summary" style="text-align:left;"|"End Of An Era" |Kate Woods |John Davies |27 February 2004 |- | class="description" colspan="5" style="border-bottom-width:3px;border-bottom-color:rgb(115,194,251);"|

Fliss is forced to stay at Matthew's house while her mother is on her honeymoon, causing the boys to instigate a turf war. Rosie and Kenny also start to take more of an interest in boys. The girls throw a party for them once they get back.

Presented by: Lyndz  |}

[edit]Series two

        • Caitlin Stasey reprises her role from the first season for one episode.
Episode # Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original Airdate
1 "What Are Friends For?" James Bogle David Hannam 3 November 2006

Frankie meets her cousin after she moves away from her friends back home. She meets Charlie's four friends who Charlie soon falls out with as she tries to help them all at once. Frankie ends up giving the girls a Sleepover Club Book of their own, to solve the problem.

Special Guest Star: Caitlin Stasey as Frankie

Presented by: Frankie 

2 "Tickets for Two" Mark Defriest Sue Hore 10 November 2006

Tayla wins two tickets to Spectaculand and she can't decide who she will take with her. The girls all attempt to get Tayla to take them by being nice to her. The blockheads hatch a plan so that she'll go with Jason, but it all backfires. In the end she gives the tickets to her mum and little sister since she could not pick only one of her friends.

Presented by: Tayla 

3 "Cringe City" Mark Defriest Sarah Rosetti 17 November 2006

When Brooke has her first sleepover she is embarrassed about what the girls will think of her parents so she keeps making excuses to avoid it, and ends up pretending that Lisa is pregnant. However the girls still want the sleepover and end up deciding that they should turn it into a baby shower for Lisa. When Brooke hears her parents talk about the baby, it turns out that Lisa really was pregnant.

Presented by: Brooke 

4 "And the Winner Is" James Bogle Rose Impey 24 November 2006

When Tayla is upset about everyone in The Sleepover Club winning competitions except her she enters a competition to make a front cover for a girl's fashion magazine, but it is really bad. Jess gets a chance to secretly improve the cover before she sends it. Tayla ends up being one of three lucky finalists. The competition goes to her head and she ends up neglecting the SOC girls so they fall out with her.

Presented by: Jess 

5 "Where's the Bear?" James Bogle Sue Hore 1 December 2006

Maddie wins a bear at crazy golf and Simon steals it and the blockheads send photos of the bear to taunt the SOC girls. Brooke had hidden a locket for her mum's birthday inside the bear's backpack so the SOC girls dress as spies and secretly go undercover inside Jason's house to retrieve the bear but can't find it end up stealing Jason's hat as a ransom for the bear.

Presented by: Brooke 

6 "Dance Fever" James Bogle Rose Impey 8 December 2006

Barry, a boy at school who has no friends, is tricked by Jason into thinking that Maddie likes him but she really doesn't. Eventually he finds out she never liked him and Maddie and Barry get revenge on Jason. Meanwhile the SOC girls are getting ready for the school dance. Barry and Maddie secretly have dance lessons together. Krystal and Caitlin enter the school dance contest thinking that they are sure to win because Krystal's dad is the judge. But in the end Maddie and Barry end up winning.

Presented by: Maddy 

7 "Bird in the Hand" James Bogle Shirley Van Sanden 15 December 2006

The school Principal's budgie isn't feeling well. The girls offer to look after the bird. Unfortunately, they lose it. The SOC girls end up getting a new budgie just like it and try to train it to be like the one they lost, but it is not convincing enough. Eventually they find it, just in time no thanks to the blockheads.

Presented by: Brooke 

8 "The Haunting" Mark Defriest Sarah Rosetti 22 December 2006

The Sleepover Club shoot a film at a haunted prison that closed 14 years ago, for a school project. Meanwhile, the Blockheads shoot their film there too and scare the SOC. The girls think up a plan to get them back good.

Presented by: Brooke 

9 "Blast from the Past" Andrew Lewis Annie Fox 29 December 2006

Tayla is failing miserably at history and if she doesn't pass she is going to be sent to another school called St. Anne's. At first she isn't bothered and she gives up. But when she sees the school uniform she freaks and starts studying. She's still no good but then she finds a weird but helpful way of learning.

Presented by: Tayla 

10 "Prankfest" Andrew Lewis Vanessa Yardley 5 January 2007

The Blockheads are out to prank everyone in sight during the school's weekend at camp. The SOC must team up with an unlikely ally to get revenge. They get their revenge but what will the consequences be?

Presented by: Charlie 

11 "Fallen Star" James Bogle Vanessa Yardley 12 January 2007

Jess wins a contest based on her favorite TV show 'Beach of Hearts' and gets to hang out with the show's main actress. But Jess discovers that she's not all she seems on TV, she's horrible. But who will she choose, her or the SOC?

Presented by: Jess 

12 "The Crush" James Bogle David Hannam 19 January 2007

Charlie has a crush on a surfer called Angus Miller, but grows increasingly jealous of the time he spends with Jess. At first Charlie claims that she doesn't have a crush on him but she wants to get his attention. Meanwhile Krystal tries to get information about Angus for the newspaper

Presented by: Jess 

13 "I Spy" Andrew Lewis John Thomson 26 January 2007

Krystal dumps Caitlyn as a friend, causing Jess to take pity on her and invite her to hang with the SOC. But Krystal sees this as a way she can use to her advantage and gets Caitlyn to try and find out the SOC secrets. The SOC find out about Krystal's plan and luckily Caitlin and Krystal don't find out any of their secrets.

Presented by: Charlie 

14 "Walk Like a Boy" Steve Peddie David Hannam 14 December 2007

The sailing contest gives $500 to the boy that wins and only $250 to the girl that wins. So Maddie decides to enter as a boy called Buddy Guy. But the Blockheads also have their eyes on the prize. Maddie has to dress, talk and act like a boy. But can she beat Jason and prove a point that the boys and girls prizes should be the same?

Presented by: Maddy 

15 "The Front Page" James Bogle David Hannam 21 December 2007

Charlie is thrilled to receive a trial on the school paper, but finds it impossible to get a good story. The rest of the girls secretly invent a story to help her out. But it ends up turning into an investigation and nearly making the lunch lady lose her job.

Presented by: Charlie 

16 "The Deep End" Mark Defriest Annie Fox 28 December 2007

When Jason throws a sweet at Charlie during swim practice, she zooms off and wins the race by a fluke. She then gets on the swim team, and it starts to get to Maddie as sport is her thing. Maddie decides to beat Charlie at the things she's good at. The whole time Krystal is plotting a plan so that she can win the swim race with the help of the Blockheads. Will Maddie and Charlie reconcile and can Maddie beat Krystal in the race?

Presented by: Maddy 

17 "Never Too Old" Steve Peddie Sarah Rosetti 4 January 2008

Mrs. Pendrety, a sad old woman fell by accident from the girls while chasing the Blockheads. Charlie invites her to stay with her until she feels better. But she has been annoying the girls by making them be her slave. But then, it gets far more exciting when they give her a makeover.

Presented by: Charlie 

18 "Secret Admirer" Mark Defriest David Hannam 11 January 2008

It is own clothes day at their school and the other girls feel guilty for ruining one of Brook's T-shirts, so they go shopping for something new for her to wear. But when she arrives at school she has a shock when she sees Krystal has the exact same outfit as her. What will the sleepover club do to cheer her up? And how far will they go?

Presented by: Brooke 

19 "Set Them Free" Steve Peddie Sarah Rosetti 18 January 2008

Maddy's room is a mess so the other girls decide to clean it for her while she is out surfing. Whilst cleaning her room though they find something that might result in Maddy leaving the club. So to prove how much they will miss her, they show her how much she means to them. Meanwhile Jason wants to get rid of his lizard so he can get a Python, And Krystal wants a dog.

Presented by: Maddy 

20 "Six Is a Crowd" Steve Peddie David Hannam 25 January 2008

Caitlyn's sick and Krystal can't stay at her place when her parents go away for the weekend, so her parents leave her at Charlie's house. Krystal pretends to be nice and tries to become part of the S.O.C. just to win a bet with Jason. They find out her plan and get revenge by making her do tasks which they tell her are required for entry into the sleepover club.

Presented by: Charlie 

21 "What About Me?" James Bogle David Hannam 1 February 2008

Maddy's older cousin Reese comes to stay. When the girls netball team Coach has to go interstate they ask Reese to be their Coach. Then Krystal is determined to beat them in the grand final and she starts a bet. But the girls end up tricking Krystal's team into thinking they know their gameplan, but it was a fake gameplan so Krystals's team aren't prepared and the SOC girls end up winning.

Presented by: Maddy 

22 "Tropicana Sunrise" James Bogle David Hannam 8 February 2008

There is a baking competition in school and Brooke's cake looks set to win. However after break they come back to find it has gone missing and Brooke is determined to find out who is responsible.

Presented by: Brooke 

23 "Secrets" Mark Defriest Sarah Rosetti 15 February 2008

Charlie has a secret diary which lists really mean things about the rest of the SOC's. Meanwhile when it goes missing the blockheads try to read it but find out that it's voice activated so they try to secretly record Charlie saying the passwords. Caitlyn also has a secret but she doesn't want to tell Krystal. The Sleepover Club find Charlie's Diary and everything turns out alright.

Presented by: Charlie 

24 "Surprise" James Bogle Sue Hore 22 February 2008

Tayla's 13th birthday is coming up and the SOC girls want to throw a surprise party. They act suspiciously around her as they try to keep it a secret. Krystal tries to makes Tayla feel like the girls are avoiding her because they don't want to be friends with her anymore. However it ends up ok in the end much to Krystal's hatred.

Presented by: Tayla 

25 "One in, All In" James Bogle Sue Hore 29 February 2008

When Charlie makes a presentation at the abandoned orphanage the Blockheads notice that the book that Charlie used dropped out of her bag. That night the girls were supposed to see The Galaxy SuperNova premiere. Charlie and Jason end up locked inside the orphanage for 4 hours and the girls miss the premiere. Jason gets 5 tickets to another movie premiere to give to the SOC's as they missed out on the Galaxy SuperNova one.

Presented by: Charlie 

26 "Curtain Up" Mark Defriest Phil Thomson 7 March 2008

When Charlie gets to be the director of the school play, the SOC is relieved and Tayla thinks that Charlie will let her play the part of Cinderella, but when Charlie realises that Krystal is a much better actress, she let her play the part and Tayla is upset. Also there are disagreements between The Blockheads and Krystal which upsets Charlie, but in the end Charlie finds a way to please everyone and they all put on a stunning performance.

Presented by: Charlie 

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