Portrayed By:

Eliza Taylor-Cotter

First Appearence:

Perfect Match

Last Appearence:

End of an Era

Best Friend:

Lyndz Collins


Mr. David Cartwright (Father)
Will Cartwright (Older Brother)
Mother (Decesed)

Episodes Presented:

The Great Debate
Swim Carnival
When Bad Things Grow in Threes
Blind Date

Favorite Colour:






Rosalynd Cartwright (Eliza Taylor-Cotter) is a member of the first generation of The Sleepover Club.

She moved from England to Australia with her dad and her brother Will, who are both protective of her and worry about her after the death of her mother in England. She lives in a house near the beach. She is best friends with the all group of Sleepover Club.

Physical appearance, Look and other

Rosie is tall, has blue eyes and short, strawberry blonde hair, it's very beautiful as well as being very intelligent and sweet, she is taller, then all of her friends, come to mind, always crazy ideas, but also brilliant it's not presumptuous, although his family is rich.


Rosie is Kind, Friendly and seems very eager she comes up with lots of crazy ideas but she can be a bit sly when ruining Michael's barbecue at Tom's Birthday party infront of their friends, family and relatives.


  • Father: David Cartwright
  • Older Brother: William 'Will' Cartwright
  • Mother: Mrs Cartwright (Deceased, died before the pilot

Episode Narrations

Roselynne 'Rosie' Cartwright is played by Eliza Taylor-Cotter and appears in every episode of the SOC's first series from 'Perfect Match' which she mirgated to Australia with her dad and her brother, William after the death of their mother in England. Rosie did four episodes of the SOC's first series tied with Kenny but with different episodes as a narrator.

Here are the episodes that Rosie did the narrations in:

  • The Great Debate
  • Swim Carnival
  • When Bad Things Grow in Threes
  • Blind Date

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