Outdoor Trip
The Sleepover Club

Presented By:



Caitlin Stasey
Ashleigh Chisholm
Hannah Wang
Basia A'Hern
Eliza Taylor-Cotter

Followed By:

Fight For Kenny


John Davies


Jan Tyrrell


Michael Pattinson

Outdoor Trip is an episode in The Sleepover Club. The episode tells the story of The Sleepover Club as they go on a camping trip and a navigational exercise goes haywire, thanks to the M&Ms. Rosie is scared as it is her first trip to the Australian Bush.


Main Cast

Regular Recuring Cast

  • Matthew - Ryan Corr
  • Michael - Blake Hampson
  • Marco - Stefan La Rosa
  • Sara - Annaliese Woods
  • Alana - Ashleigh Brewer

Co - Starring

  • Mrs Nickels - Emma Skelton
  • Mr Bilton - Peter Rasmussen
  • Ms Featherbead - Leisa Barry-Smith
  • Mr Stephanopolous - Vince D'Amaco

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