Never Too Old

Presented By:



Morgan Griffin,Monique Williams,Emmanuelle Bains,Rachel Watson and Katie Nazer-Hennings

Previous Episode:

The Deep End

Next Episode:

Secret Admirer

Never Too Old is an episode of the SOC and it is the forty-third episode in the second series. In the story, the SOC chase the Blockheads after sabotaging their bikes and Jess spots them doing it. During the chase, an old woman injures her ankle which the SOC came to the rescue as the Blockheads got away and the girls said they are wrong to injure the old woman, so they carried her to the old woman's home.

The SOC is thinking that the old woman is getting them to do her work in a slavery manner while Krystal asks the SOC that the old woman was taken by the SOC without thinking it was her job but the SOC gave the old woman a makeover by using an old man who works as a crossing man to give her something special as Caitlyn was a good girl by working very hard for the old lady and Krystal is told by her to clean up her filthy toilet in the bathroom, which the SOC were laughing about it.

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