Here are some of the locations that are located in Queensland and Western Australia during the filming of the Australian TV show, The Sleepover Club.

First Series

  • The fictional Cresent Bay High School
  • Dream World
  • Mr. Stephanopolous's Cafe for the SOC
  • The Gold Coast
  • Sydney
  • The Horse Farming Range
  • The Camping Site (First SOC)
  • The Canal
  • The SOC's Sleepover Retreats

Second Series

  • The fictional Seaview College
  • The Boating Pier
  • Fremantle Jailhouse
  • The Actress's Retreat
  • The Camping Site
  • St. Anne's High School
  • The Eldery Woman's Home
  • The Cafe Bar for the SOC
  • The SOC's Sleepover Retreats (Second SOC)
  • Krystal's House
  • The Abandoned Orphange House

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