Portrayed by:

Hannah Wang

First Appearance:

Perfect Match

Last Appearance:

End of an Era

Favorite Color:



Mr. Tam (Father)
Mrs. Tam (Mother)
Molly (Older Sister)
Grandmom Tam (Grandmother)

Episodes Presented:

Fight for Kenny
Shoot to Win
Family Ties
Price of Success

Favorite Color:






Kenny Tam (Hannah Wang) is a member of the first generation of The Sleepover Club.

His full name is Kendra, but she much prefers to be called Kenny. She is kind, loyal and sporty. Her best and oldest friend is Frankie.

She is portrayed as the sporty member of the group, playing different types of sports, from soccer to athletics. She lives with her parents and her Grandmother and has an older sister named Molly who is protective of her. Kenny and Molly share a room. Kenny has a white rat called Merlin.

In one episode, Kenny leaves Crescent Bay to move to Sydney with her family, leaving Frankie and the girls in tears during two episodes. She comes home at the end of the fourteenth episode to join the Sleepover Club again. Her father didn't like his new job. Not only Kenny but also Molly and their grandmother hated being away.

Kenny has no interest in boys, although, in the last episode, she gets to know Liam whom she really likes. Their dating causes a lot of tension in the Sleepover Club. At the end, Kenny makes the right choice.

Physical Appearance

Kenny is Chinese with brown eyes and long black wavy hair.


  • Father: Mr. Tam
  • Mother: Mrs. Tam
  • Sister: Molly Tam
  • Grandmom Tam

Narrated Episodes

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