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Kenny is also know as:




Ken bender





É uma miúda que faz parte do clube dos pijamas, tem uma irmã de quem não gosta muito, e faz parte de uma familia da tradição chinesa.

After the events of the sleepover club Kenbender went on to be an olympic athlete competing in the Beijing olympics of 2008. Kenneth entered 2 events the first olympic event was ping pong, she placed first in this event beating Ryan (Babes) Scott 113-0. She also competed in the 100m sprint, The 22-year-old Jamaican Australian recorded a time of 9.58 seconds to take 0.11 off the mark he she set last year when winning gold at the Beijing Olympics, this was a new world record. Although notorious for supporting Manchester U
Usain bolt3

Kendra at the Olympics

nited, she is now an avid Liverpool supporter and once went to watch El Salvador at their last appearance in the 1982 Fifa world cup.

After a sour acting career since the sleepover club and a suspension from entering the 2012 London Olympics (due to the fact that she put steroids in her chicken nuggets before the 100m event) she has now released to the media that she will be moving onto better things.

Ke Ke seemingly

Kendra (shown right) working as a slave.

disappeared off the radar until January this year, rumours in the daily star reported that she was seen atop of a factory where no worker ever comes in or ever comes out. This rumour was later proven as fact by a young boy by the name of Charlie who, won a competition to enter the factory. Charlie found that the workers in the factory were slaves imported from Australia to work in the chocolate factory in hackney, London. Despite the whimsical appearance of the factory, these workers were paid and fed on 6 coco beans a day. Due to Charlies intrest in athletics he soon spotted Anne by a leaking cespit which one boy mistook for a chocloate river. Once again Kenny went off the map until she was seen working at parliment under the guise of Gordan Brown.

Gordan Brown (Ken) enjoying the world cup match

After constant pressure from the media kenneth decided enough was enough and headed back to Australia, after a kick to the head by a boxing kangaroo she was said to have had her life flash before her eyes, she remembered when she was apart of the sleepover club and her special move, the sleeping bag strip. by April she had contacted the Guiness world book of records, she soon had set a world record of 40 seconds, which is now being challenged by a new competitor, his name is Jason Rouget, after hearing this news Kenneth set out to better her record. to stir things up and allow himself enough time to beat the world record Mr. Rouget requested an interview with Fliss SideBotham also known as Munty. Jason revealed to Munty that Ryan Scott had wished to have sexual intercourse with Ke Ke rather than herself. This enraged Fliss so much that at Kendras training session she attempted to throw a fryping pan of chip fat at her. Kenatra responded quickly by doing a barrel roll and screaming HADOUKEN, instantly incerating Fliss.

Soon all members of the seaon 1 cast of the sleepover club realised that theyre failure was due to that one specific munter. This allowed them by June to script a new draft of the sleepover club with its four original members, however producers insisted on a 5th member this role was filled quickly when a talent scout spotted a new rising star on youtube who agreed to take on the role of betty, a much better looking american counterpart to fliss. However disruption occured in the group when Betty insisted that the sleepover club be set as a WW2 drama regarding the occupation of the channel islands and the german air raids. This was agreed with Nan appearing as producer and Emma Le Page aka Betty also acting as director.


Find out what happens on the next episode of the sleepover club season 8.

The filming of the Sleepover club’s new season was going well and by March of 2017 a trailer was set to be released. Nan had a clever ploy and played on the Italian “kill munty riots” of 1992 in Italy. As Rome was deemed the city that hated Munty the most she sent out several pilot episodes to Italian’s in the city. One of whom was Sally Day, Sally was the first to watch the episode and the consequences were unimaginable, Sally along with all the residents of here apartment building were turned into menstruating zombie demons who were out to kill.

This soon came to the attention of Kendra Tam who felt guilty about the whole affair and hijacked Concorde and flew it to Italy. Only three survivors were left in the building, a pregnant woman, a badly dubbed Italian stud and an 11 year old girl who was trapped in a car, but you don't need to know about that anyway because she stavrves to death. Anywho Kendra ran toward the building and saw the pregnant woman and my main man today absail down the building and run into a TV station closely followed by Sally.

She had to put a stop to it and brought forth her secret weapon, Betty!!! Betty was the face on the tape which turned people to demons. Ke Ke shut her eyes tight and lobbed betty into the TV station like Arthur drawing excalibur from the stone and in a medusa like affect blinded and killed sally dearest.

Now If you’ve had been paying attention you would have noticed that Peadophile standing outside the building for the whole film who did not do anything but do not fear, it was indeed G72 in a disguise and that is why the car crashed. the car drivers saw her eyes through those glasses with the biggest of rims and had no choice but to turn into zombies and well you know Zombies don’t drive cars.

So where does this leave the sleepover club I hear you ask, well I’ll tell you, the true story that I have described is being adapted into a film called the ring with Kenny playing that ring girl. I will update this page soon with actual Kenny related items soon so dont worry but I felt I had to explain her most recent escapade oh and in case your wondering Kenny is now 20 years of age.

Knock Knock...

Whos There?

Fliss ...

Fliss Who?

Fliss Munty ...


Good Night


It would seem that 2001 would be a good year for Kendra, she had recently bought the rights to Bill Cosby and would soon be starring in the film the ring. In the time before filming she decided to uncover the Ark of the Covenant but in the midst of this 1950's adventure she forgot to charge her phone battery, this innocent mistake would send her in a downward spiral of torment and depression, ultimately leading to the loss of her part in the ring to a girl called Samara who lived in a well.

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Signed Robert Mugabe

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