Full name:


Episodes Presented:

Fight For Kenny, Shoot To Win, Family Ties, Price of Success

Favourite Colour:


Kenny Tam (Hannah Wang) is a member of the first generation of The Sleepover Club.

His full name is Kendra, but prefers to be called: Kenny ; Her best friends inside the Sleepover Club are : Frankie and Fliss.

She is portrayed during the first series as a sporty member of the group, playing different types of sports, from the games of soccer to athletics. She lives with her Grandmother who appears in one episode and has a mean older sister named Molly who is protective of her. Molly annoys Kenny when she wants to break the SOC's hearts by joining the M&Ms with Sara and Alana, who plans to foil Kenny's sleepovers there. Kenny is the only girl to travel to Sydney with her family, leaving Frankie and the girls in tears during two episodes. Later she came home at the end of the fourteenth episode to join the SOC again after the girls lost the appeal.

Origin, Physical Appearance and Personality :

Kenny is Chinese with brown eyes and long black wavy hair. She is kind, loyal and sporty. She talks quite fast and repeats herself when it necessary.


  • Father: Mr. Tam
  • Mother: Mrs. Tam
  • Sister: Molly Tam
  • Grandmother: Mrs. Gran Tam


  • Fliss 
  • Lyndz
  • Rosie


  • Matthew
  • Michael
  • Marco
  • Sara
  • Alana

Episode Narrations

She as a narrator for four episodes of the SOC. Here are the episodes of the SOC that Kenny presented in :

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