Jessica 'Jess' Phillips

Portrayed By:

Monique Williams

First Appearence:

What Are Friends For?

Last Appearence:

Curtain Up

Best Friend:

Brooke Webster


Mr. Phillips (Father)
Mrs. Phillips (Mother)
Zac Phillips (Older Brother)

Episodes Presented:

And The Winner Is
Fallen Star
The Crush

Favorite Colour:






Jessica "Jess" Philips (Monique Williams) is a member of the second generation of The Sleepover Club. Jess is the artsy and token black of the group. She is down to earth and hates to see animals locked up in cages. She is often shy and changes things to make friends happy. Her best friend is Brooke Webster. She lives with her parents and older brother Zac who is protective of Jess and worries about her. Jess is quite tall with short, Black braded hair in plaits and dark eyes she is Kind, Loyal and friendly she isn't really into fashion as much as Tayla is so wears very unfashionable clothes.


  • Father: George Phillips
  • Mother: Hannah Phillips
  • Older Brother: Zachary Phillips

Friends & Enemies

  • Best Friend: Brooke Webster
  • Enemy #1: Crystal Beasley
  • Enemy #2: Caitlyn Thompson
  • Enemy #3: Jason Block
  • Enemy #4: Simon Webster
  • Enemy #5: Declan Henderson

Episode Narrations

Jessica 'Jess' Phillips is played by Monique Williams in the second series of the SOC. In one episode of Series Two, Jess helped Caitlyn because she was dumped by Crystal. Jess invited Caitlyn to the SOC as because she took pity on her. Jess narrated three episodes, and appears in every episode of the SOC's second series.

Episodes Jess narrated:

  • And the Winner Is
  • Fallen Star
  • The Crush
  • Prison Diaries

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