Fliss Sidebotham

Felicity "Fliss" Sidebotham
(Ashleigh Chisholm) is a member of the first generation of The sleepover club is a fashion enthusiast, who loves make up and keeping in style. She is known for having a major crush on Ryan Scott. We know that Fill's parents are divorced as she mentions many times that her mother has a new boyfriend, Andy, who you doesn't quite see eye to eye with. In the episode Starring, they share her having a conversation with Rosie at a sleepover, she mentions that her dad left around 3 years ago, which is also around the same time that Rosies mum died. At times she can be self-centred and shallow, but she always pulls through for her friends.
Felicity "Fliss" Sidebotham

Best Friend:

Lyndz Collins

Episodes presented:

Starring,Changing rooms,Election,Horseback,Trapped.

Favorite Color:



  • Father - Mr Sidebotham
  • Mother - Mrs Sidebotham
  • Brother - Callum Sidebotham
  • Step father - Andy



  • Sara `Tiara'
  • Alana `Banana'
  • Michael Collins (Frenemy)
  • Mathew McDougal(Frenemy)
  • Marco de Peiri (Frenemy


Fliss is tall with light blonde hair and blue eyes she is Kind, friendly and very eager like Tayla in season 2 She is known for being quite fashionable and not very smart  but also sometimes she can be kind and helpful to her friends and has a major crush on Ryan Scott. She is always there for her friends when ever they need her and always makes the right decisions in the end.

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