Fallen Star
The Sleepover Club 2

Presented By:



Morgan Griffin
Rachel Watson
Monique Williams
Emmanuelle Bains
Katie Nazer-Hennings

Followed By:

The Crush

Fallen Star is an episode in The Sleepover Club. The episode tells the story of Jess after she wins a contest based on her favorite TV show 'Beach of Hearts' and gets to hang out with the show's main actress. But Jess discovers that she's not all she seems on TV, she's horrible. But who will she choose, her or the SOC?


The episode starts with The Sleepover Club on the beach when Charlie tells the time, Jess realises that her favorite TV series is on and misses half of the episode, but after she hears an advert about a competition that she decides to enter, competing with Krystal.


Main Cast

Regular Recurring Cast

  • Jason - James Bell
  • Krystal - Julia O'Conner
  • Caitlin - Ruby Hall
  • Declan - Shannon Lively
  • Simon - Nathan Coenen

Co - Starring

  • Amanda Hart/Shandi - Jess De Gouw
  • Serena Block - Theresa Spiniello
  • Amanda's Assistant - Julie Dhaw Yammanee
  • Director - Vito De Francesco
  • Doctor - Tye Harper
  • Fan 1 - Emma Gage
  • Friend 1 - Genevieve McCarthy
  • Friend 2 - Danielle Bernardini
  • Security Guard - Gavan Ellis

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