End of an Era
The Sleepover Club

Presented By:



Caitlin Stasey
Ashleigh Chisholm
Eliza Taylor-Cotter
Hannah Wang
Basia A'Hern

Followed By:

What Are Friends For?


John Davies


Jan Tyrrell


Kate Woods

End of an Era is an episode in The Sleepover Club. It tells the story of Fliss as she is forced to stay at Matthew's house while her mother is on her honeymoon, causing the boys to instigate a turf war. Rosie and Kenny also start to take more of an interest in boys.

This is the last episode of the SOC's first series and it features the final appearance of the M&M boys (Matthew, Marco and Michael) and Frankie's SOC friends (Kenny, Lyndz, Fliss and Rosie) for the final time when she moves out of Queensland as her father gets a job promotion and gets to stay with Charlie, her cousin in Western Australia as a guest star in the start of the second season's first episode, 'What are Friends For?'

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