Curtain Up
The Sleepover Club 2

Presented By:



Morgan Griffin
Katie Nazer-Hennings
Emmanuelle Bains
Rachel Watson
Monique Williams

When Charlie gets to be the director of the school play, the SOC is relieved and Tayla thinks that Charlie will let her play the part of Cinderella, but when Charlie realises that Krystal is a much better actress, she let her play the part and Tayla is upset. Also there are disagreements between The Blockheads and Krystal which upsets Charlie, but in the end Charlie finds a way to please everyone and they all put on a stunning performance.

This episode is the main part of the second series finale and the key part to ending the television show, held in Australia for both the first and second series of it. It is the last and final appearance for the Sleepover Club and the Blockheads in this show, taking place in Western Australia for the second season, from the twenty-seventh episode, 'What Are Friends For?' which guest stars Charlie's cousin, Frankie Thomas from the first series to the fifty-second one named 'Curtain Up'.