Cringe City
The Sleepover Club 2

Presented By:

Brooke Webster


Morgan Griffin
Emanuelle Bains
Monique Williams
Katie Nazer-Hennings
Rachel Watson

Followed By:

And The Winner Is


Sarah Rossetti

Executive Producers:

Noel Price
Jo Horsburgh


Susie Campbell


Mark DeFriest

Cringe City is an episode in The Sleepover Club. When Brooke Webster has her first sleepover, she is embarrassed about what the girls will think of her parents. She keeps making excuses to avoid having the sleepover, and ends up pretending that her stepmother, Lisa, is pregnant. However, the girls still want to have the sleepover at Brooke's, and Tayla decides that they should turn it into a baby shower for Lisa. Then at the sleepover, the girls overhear Brooke's parents talking, and it turns out that Lisa really is pregnant.

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