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Here is the list of the main and recurring characters who are played by six actors for the boys and fourteen actresses for the girls in the Australian television show of the Sleepover Club, taking place in both states of Queensland for the first series & Western Australia for the second series.

Main Characters

Series One

Series Two

  • Charlie Anderson (Morgan Griffin)
  • Tayla Kane (Rachel Watson)
  • Maddy Leigh (Emmanuelle Bains)
  • Brooke Webster (Katie Nazer-Hennings)
  • Jess Phillips (Monique Williams)
  • From the sleepover club season 1 I like Frankie, Fliss and Rosie
  • From The sleepover club season 2 I like Charlie and Tayla
  • Charlie and brooke they are so cute and nice
  • I think Charlie is a good player and i like her body language and the way she acts
  • I like Tayla because she is funny and she always gives the wrong answer and gives up easily
  • What i like about Maddy is because she is sporty and likes to try stuff that are scary but sometimes she is bossy
  • What i think about Brooke is that she is an expert at laptops and computers and is joyful
  • Jess is okay but at first i did not really like her but she acts good and has lots of pace and expression
  • when i first watch series 2 i thought it was the same characters but different actors because  tayla is so like fliss but they have different names

Recurring Characters

Series One


  • Matthew McDougal (Ryan Corr)
  • Marco Di Pieri (Stefan La Rosa)
  • Michael Collins (Blake Hampson)


  • Sara Tiara (Annalise Woods)
  • Alana Banana (Ashleigh Brewer)

Series Two

The Blockheads

  • Jason Block (James Bell)
  • Declan (Shannon Lively)
  • Simon Webster (Nathan Coenen)


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