Brooke Webster

Portrayed By:

Katie Nazer-Hennings

First Appearence:

What Are Friends For?

Last Appearence:

Curtain Up

Best Friend:

Jess Phillips


John Webster (Father)
Lisa Webster (Step-Mother)
Simon Webster (Step-Brother)
Unborn half-sibling

Episodes Presented:

Cringe City
Where's The Bear?
Bird in The Hand
The Haunting
Secret Admirer
Tropicana Sunrise

Favorite Colour:






Brooke Webster (Katie Nazer-Hennings) is a member of the second generation of The Sleepover Club. Brooke enjoys photography and knows a lot about computers. Her best friend is Jess. She has a twin stepbrother named Simon who is one of the Blockheads. Brooke is short with gingery sort of hair and blue eyes she goes for cool clothes she is Kind, Loyal although at times she can be a bit stubborn to her friends mainly when they are picking on Jess.


  • Father: John Webster
  • Step-Mother: Lisa Webster
  • Step-Brother: Simon Webster ( A member of 'The Blockheads')
  • Unborn Half Sibling

Friends & Enemies

  • Best Friend: Jessica 'Jess' Phillips
  • Enemy #1: Krystal Beazley
  • Enemy #2: Caitlyn
  • Enemy #3: Jason Block
  • Friendly or Enemy #4: Declan

Episode Narrations

Brooke Webster is played by actress Katie Nazer-Hennings did six of the SOC's second series episodes as a narrator and appears in every episode of the second series from 'What Are Friends For?' to 'Curtain Up' (episode 27 to 52).

She narrated the six episodes' storylines in:

  • Cringe City
  • Where's The Bear?
  • Bird in the Hand

  • The Haunting
    16679 katie nazer-hennings 01
  • Secret Admirer
  • Tropicana Sunrise