Bird in the Hand

Presented By:



Katie Nazer-Hennings,Rachel Watson,Emmanuelle Bains,Morgan Griffin and Monique Williams

Also Starring:

Julia O'Connor and Ruby Hall

Previous Episode:

Dance Fever

Next Episode:

The Haunting

Bird in the Hand is an episode of the SOC and it is the thirty-third one in the second series with the same name. It follows the SOC recovers the school principal's pet budgie after the Blockheads were sent to his office at Seaview College for a disastrous cooking class growing tension and frights the bird in a shock while the principal is at a school conference for the weekend.

The girls decided to buy another bird because the real bird could not say anything and the Blockheads planned an attempt to do something with it. At the end, the real bird can talk and the principal puts the Blockheads on a detention for what happened in the cooking class at the beginning.

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